Tender Process - Invitation To Tender

Tender Process

Tender Process


Tender Process

(or "Invitation to Tender" process) will help you to take the steps needed to appoint preferred suppliers to your organization.

It takes you through the process of releasing a suite of Tender Documents, to find the right supplier at the right time.

By using this Invitation to Tender process, you can quickly find and contract one or more suppliers efficiently.

This Tender Process helps you with:

The Tender Process will also help you to:

  • Define the roles of staff involved in the Invitation to Tender
  • Evaluate and prioritize the supplier's proposals
  • Monitor and control supplier relationships

By using this Invitation to Tender process, you can ensure that you choose the best available supplier, at the best price.

What is a Tender Process?

A Tender Process (or "Inviation to Tender" process) is a method by which suppliers are selected for the provision of products and services to an organization. The process involves creating a suite of Tender Documents to manage the supplier selection process. The Tender Documents help the organization to select the best possible supplier available, and include documents such as the "Statement of Work", "Request for Information" and "Request for Proposal".

When do I use a Tender Process?

If you want to appoint an external supplier, then you need to document a formal Invitation to Tender Process. By using a formal tender process, you can show that the preferred supplier was selected fairly. This Tender Process includes all of the steps needed to select and contract external suppliers, quickly and efficiently.