Usefulness of a Project Management Template

Usefulness of a Project Management Template

27 November 2010

The project management template is a very useful project management tool that is used when a plan for a deliverable is being created. By making use of this kind of preformatted document, time and energy can be saved along with some of the frustration in its creation.

The reason time can be saved when a project management template is used is simple. The documenting is already formatted and sectioned so only the data has to be filled in. This way, the formatting and presentation of how the document will appear when finished is of no concern to the creator. With less concerns by the user, less energy is spent on unimportant factors and more on the job at hand.

The project management template also serves as a guide to the user. By already having areas of the document sectioned off so specific data can be entered there, it is less likely these important areas will be forgotten.

The reason the project management template came into being was when it was noticed by a project manager that many things involving the creation of a project plan were similar to all projects. By creating a document that would reduce the time consuming process of creating a project plan from scratch, more could be accomplished in a more efficient manner. This allows for more time of actually managing the project, instead of just planning it.

The final documents that are produced when a project management template is used do not only look professional, but will be consistent in nature. As long as the same computer program for which the template came from is used, the company’s documents will have this consistent look. This allows for the reviewer to know where the data for a particular portion of the project is located each time.

For consistency in a time efficient manner that creates a comprehensive document, a project management template should be used.