Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management

09 January 2011

A total quality management system requires the development of an all inclusive quality plan by an organization. This will require the necessity for many documents to be created along with applicable process to verify that the specific quality is present in both the process and deliverable for a project.

The total quality management system does have to include both the quality assurance process along with the quality control process and methods; in most cases the quality assurance department is responsible for their creation.

The main purpose of the quality assurance department, for most organizations is to create the total quality management system by creating all the necessary documentation that is necessary.  This is done by this team knowing the specifics of the deliverable that is set forth in the project charter. In most cases each specific specification will require a separate document and procedure so it can be checked or verified in the appropriate manner.

The action part of the total quality management system is the quality control department. This is the team that is responsible for the full implementation of the quality plan. They take the documented procedures and methods that the quality assurance department has created and follow them in the process of checking the quality of the deliverable.

Once the quality control department completes their assignment in checking the quality of the deliverable, the last part of the total quality management system is then activated. This is when the quality assurance team verifies that the quality control department has followed the written procedures correctly.

One more necessary component of a total quality management system should be in place for this system to work properly. As with nearly everything in the world, the process of change is a constant. Because of this the documents, procedures and methods that are used in the quality plan should be in constant review. This allows for a path to be in place for any necessary modifications that might be required to be made.