15 December 2010

The timesheet seems to be a very simple item in a business, but is crucial to that same businesses proper operation. The proper handling of all the different timesheets can either contribute or prevent confusion that could result in how they are used and interpreted. For reasons of consistency one type of timesheet should be used in a place of business. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use one project management template program that contains many of them if not all of them.  While a software program will contain a timesheet for nearly all applications that are required in a project that are different, the consistency will be in their appearance and application. This way the different department heads can all use the same one and the workers will know what information applies to them and how to locate it.  With consistency in the timesheet, a business can run smoother in many aspects. Not only will every department be using the same format, but the accounting and payroll department will not have to decipher different ones. This makes for fewer mistakes in this vital department. It also keeps the staff happy. Nothing upsets a staff more than problems with their money. The timesheet is more than just a way to inform the staff of what is going to occur and who has what responsibilities at that moment. It is also a permanent record of past events of what was planned out. Many department heads use the time sheet of their employees when it comes to evaluations. This document is then compared to the timecards for any discrepancies. Absenteeism and sick days can then be accurately calculated.  The timesheet is also used for the scheduling and keeping track of vacation days and compensation days for each employee. This is the positive aspect of this document for both the company and its staff. As illustrated, the timesheet is a valuable document that can help bring consistency and information to the work place. Without one, it would be very difficult if not impossible to run a successful business.