Timesheet Templates

Timesheet Templates

20 October 2010

The use of timesheet templates have occurred long before most realized they were using one. Like with most process, an old time sheet would be used as a guide by most managers in the business world. Since the introduction of the computer in the workplace, the digitalization of this process has been on the increase.

For those managers that have made their own timesheet templates, the thought of using one supplied by a project management program seem a little silly and a waste of time. From a business’ point of view, it does make sense to use these templates.

When the uses of timesheet templates that are all generated from the same project management program are in use company wide, a level of consistency is established. This will make it easier for any person from every department to understand and recognize each of the timesheets and the location of the vital statistics that should be located in it.

Another advantage of using the timesheet templates is for the accounting department. The possibility of confusion in this department is increased if all other departments use a different form to keep track of their workers’ hours. With just one consistent template that establishes the structure of how these hours are reported, the possibility of a mistake is greatly reduced.

The workers will also be less confused when there is consistency in the timesheet templates used by a company. Many of the larger businesses often have employees shift from one department to another. This will require retraining on job specific items. With the timesheets being consistent, the overall savings on the time and energy needed for this subject is removed.

The use of timesheet templates is just one of the many areas where the use of project management templates can save a business time and money in their daily business activities. This will help the company’s bottom line by reducing the time needed to use them and reduce the number of errors involved with them. This can then be seen as a reduction of fixed costs and help the profitability of a company in the long run.