Timesheet template and its Benefits

Timesheet template and its Benefits

25 September 2010

A timesheet template can be found from any number of manufacturers of software from the big players like Microsoft and Lotus down to individuals that work for many businesses. Finding the right one to fill your needs is sometime the most difficult part of the decision making process.

On a timesheet template there is always a place for either the name of the employee or their number. Most employees prefer to see their name but the accounting department prefers the numbers. It all depends on who you wish to make happy.

Other option on the timesheet template is the hours and days that each individual is to work. This should be done even if the time sheet is the same very week. This way there is a record of what was scheduled. By having a permanent record of what was suppose to occur and the time timecards to see what actually occurred a direct comparison can be made of any discrepancies.

In the timesheet template there is also a space to recognize when an employee is taking time off. This can be for a vacation day or compensation day that is scheduled in advance. The sick days and other days off that happen at the last moment are not part of the schedule and another reason for the permanent record.

A second timesheet template can be used to fill in what actually transpired on who should up on what day and how long they stayed at work. This is the best way to make a comparison of the employees with good attendances that are reliable and those that are always making up excuses for missing work.

If an employer decides to, they can also list how many vacation days each employee has coming to them on the timesheet template each week. In some cases this should be avoided so favoritism is not suspected among the workers is the number of days given to each employee is different.

These are some of the different uses for a timesheet template as part of your time management system that keeps track of this important information.