The Quality Plan

The Quality Plan

21 December 2010

The quality plan for a deliverable will have to be very carefully planned for it to be a contributor to the project. Just like in the construction of an airplane, different qualities of steel and other metals are used in its construction, so must your plan be ready to acknowledge the different levels of quality that is required for its completion to be successful.

The quality plan must use the specifications of the deliverable that are assigned to it from the project charter. This does not always means the best or top quality that is possible to obtain, but the best possible quality with the specifications.

In a quality plan the overall objective of the project must be kept in mind at all times. Just like when using a bolt to connect two pieces that are very expensive to produce. A lower quality bolt can be used so if an impact occurs the bolt breaks and not the two adjoining pieces. This is just one of many examples of the right level of quality and why the specifications of quality must be followed for every part of your project.

The quality plan is written by the quality assurance department in most business. This is done with the knowledge of all company policies along with the current specifications of the deliverable itself. Once these procedures are approved by the upper management, the quality plan can be put into action.

It is the quality control department that is responsible for the implementation of the quality plan for each deliverable. They are the monitors and inspectors of not only the finished goods but also during the production of the deliverable itself. This is the sign that you have an effective quality plan.

The reason for a quality plan is to check, verify and monitor the level of quality in the deliverable at each step of the process so any defect or problem can be identified as soon as possible. This allows for a great percentage of the deliverables to be produced that meet the specifications set by the project charter. It also allows for greater profits.