Statement of Work Template

Statement of Work Template

31 October 2010

A statement of work template is used during the development of the communication plan for a project. Just like any part of that plan. The correct meaning behind the message a business is trying to send is it purpose.

The statement of work template is used in the creation of the statement of work by a company. This is the document that is sent out to third party vendors when there is a need for a specific item or service that will be necessary for the completion of a project.

The focus when using the statement of work template is on being precise and as accurate as possible so the correct message is being conveyed to the recipient. In this document it is vital that no ambiguity be left in the message. If any part is left to chance, then the wrong item could be sent. This will cause an unnecessary delay in the execution of the project and its deliverable.

In a well conceived statement of work template should include an area for a complete description of what is being requested by the business. There should be ample room for a complete description with as much detail that will be necessary for the item to be clearly identifiable.

Another part of the statement of work template should be an area for the date and time table the necessary items need to be received by.  This is a crucial part of this document. If the item, that is delivered is the correct one, but not in the necessary widow for being included in the project, the item loses a great deal of value. Delays in a project do nothing but cause problems in the scheduling of the other components of the project along with being very costly in a monetary sense.

By using a well constructed statement of work template, the right document with the correct information can be created and sent out to prevent delays in a project. This will help make the project run more efficiently and contribute to the success of the project.