Sample Project Plan

Sample Project Plan

06 December 2010

A sample project plan can be used to assist a project manager if there are questions that need to be answered. This sample can be from either a previously successful project or one that was abandoned.

The reason either kind of sample project plan can be used to answer questions is because in both cases there is something to learn. What must be understood and not taken for granted is just because an approach or certain element of a project worked in the past is no guarantee that it will work in the future.

The reason a sample project plan that was successful in the past do not perform the same is because of the different factors involved. The economic times in which a project is undertaken has an influence on whether it is successful or not. The saturation of the market is another deciding factor. You could have the greatest product and follow the same sample project plan as before, but it will fail if no one needs your deliverable.

For the same reason a successful sample project plan might work a sample of a project that failed in the past might now be successful. As the environment changes on the market and in the manufacturing sector, different aspects of past project change. This has to always be kept in the mind of the person reviewing the data from past projects.

Many software programs have sample project plan included in their package. This is done to assist their clients as another reference they would of not has had. In many cases these are general samples but have parts that are applicable and should be reviewed for their content.

Sometimes the sample project plan is more of a visual aid on how to properly use a software program. In this instance it can help save time when using the templates of a project management program that has been purchased. The use of examples or samples is common and for some the preferred learning mechanism.