Sample Business Case

Sample Business Case

29 November 2010

The selection of a sample business case to follow as a guide is not as easy as it might seem. There are literally hundreds of thousands of them on the internet to choose from. Another valuable source is the archive documents at your own company.

By reviewing past examples at your company, a sample business case can reveal a great deal of available information. This will include the correct formatting and appearance the document should have for the best chance of approval by the shareholders of the project.

Also revealed in a past sample business case will be what is important to the stakeholders from their point of view. This can be easily accomplished by reviewing both the business cases that had been approved and those that were rejected. By making a list of the positives and negatives from your review will be very beneficial to your project and its chance of approval.

In many instances the sample business case was created by a project management template. If this is what you have found from your historical research of past projects, then you should do the same. Not only will the information you have acquired from the past examples be useful, but the template can help guide you into assembling the document accordingly.

Inside each sample business case should be these important components. There should be a brief description of the business background, the methodology that will be used and the scope of the project along with its benefits.

There should also be a section on the revenue needed to support your project. This will be different from any sample business case you use to follow since the cost of raw materials will always vary. There should be several different options to how, when and where the project should be implemented with the different level of benefits to the company explained.

The last section is almost always independent of the sample business case being used as a guide. This is the conclusion and how profitable the project is furcated to be for the company. With all these components placed in the correct order, your business case should be approved.