Risk Management is Important

Risk Management

18 October 2010

The reason risk management is so important as part of any project plan is because of all things that interact with a project, a risk can bring the entire project to a screeching halt. Not every risk is capable of doing this, but many are.

To prevent this with your project, a good risk management plan must be devised and documented. This plan has many important components that must be included in it. For many project managers, they have begun to use the project management templates for the risk plan to assist them. This is a preformatted document that will help the manager produce a plan that is more complete faster than what is usually produced from scratch.

The risk management plan should have a procedure for identifying any possible risk that might have a chance of impacting the project or the business. This is the first issue when facing a risk that should be addressed. This procedure should look at all possible aspects of business so that every possible risk is considered.

Once all possible risks are considered and identified, the risk management plan should address the impact severity of each risk. Careful consideration should be taken with each identified risk to expose the damage potential of said risk to the project.

With the first two procedures identifying and analyzing each possible risk, the next procedure in a risk management plan should be the prioritizing of the risks. This procedure will allow the project manager to place the risks with the greatest potential to do harm to the project be listed in order of which ones should be addressed first.

As part of any risk management plan, the mitigation of the risks needs a procedure that takes a unique approach. This mitigation can be from total dismantling of the risk, to doing absolutely nothing. The variety of the risks is large and complicated. The proper way to mitigate them is dependent on the specific nature of the risk.

The risks that are just ignored are the ones that would cost more to mitigate than to just allow the impact to occur. This is when your risk management should have the option of purchasing insurance to cover any financial loss that might occur.