RFP template

RFP template

06 January 2011

The request for proposal or RFP template is a tool many project managers are using to create a proposal of the purchase of a raw material or initiate services with a third party vendor. This type of form has a preformatted structure that enables the user to only input the necessary data for it to be completed. By saving time this tool is one of the many mechanisms that a manager can use to also save on cost for their project.

By using a RFP template, a consistent and known structure of this document is readily available each and every time this type of transaction is required. This allows for an easier process of not only filling one out, but for fewer misunderstandings by the recipients of the form because they are familiar with it after receiving it several times.

The makeup of the RFP template will be of a consistent nature when it is used. This way the supplier of your needs will know exactly what you are requesting to purchase. This will prevent mistakes in supplying unwanted supplies which will save both the supplier and recipient money and time.

The RFP template will have predesignated slot for who is making the request for materials. This can be preprogrammed into the form. By doing this, time can be saved since this step only has to be preformed once.

Another slot in the RFP template is for the third party vendor’s name and address. If this vendor is to be repeatedly used, a template can be made that is specific to them which will again save time.

The area of the RFP template that is made for the item identification is the largest. This permits the inclusion of the items name, serial number if needed, the part number and stock number if they are available and accessible by the company. There should also be a short but detailed description of the part so no ambiguity on what is needed will be present.

With the use of the same RFP template over time to each of your third party vendors, fewer mistakes will be made in receiving the needed supplies for your project. The fewer mistakes in the process will help you keep to your schedule and contribute to a successful project.