RFP Examples

RFP Examples

08 December 2010

When looking for RFP examples to follow in your line of business, there are two general categories where a sample can be found that might fit your needs. From these two are examples, one is for goods and the other is for services you need.

The specifics of need do not vary too much between RFP examples, but a business may want to have an example of each so the appropriate template can be made. This will allow less time to be consumed when the need arises to use one.

The 9 components that should be contained in RFP examples should be consistent. The first page is the cover page, with just the topic and the company it comes from.

The second page of the RFP examples should be a clearly stated Purpose Statement. This should include what is needed and how they will need to be supplied.  In many cases, the purpose of the requested material or staff is also included.

The third component of RFP examples is the company information that is requiring the supplies or workers. This should include a contact name, the company’s address and phone number.

The RFP examples’ fourth component is the timeline in which the bids will be accepted. This is the open time for a submission to bid including the price for the material and the date. There can also be a hold price for so many days and how long before a decision will be made.

The fifth component of the RFP examples is where a big difference lies. For parts, there are technical standards, quality control, a return policy for a failed item and acceptance criteria. For services, there should be a behavior performance measure to help reduce absenteeism.

The sixth component of RFP examples is the specifications and minimum number of deliverables, or the number of staff that will be supplied to fill the contract.

The RFP examples’ seventh component is the contract terms and conditions in which payment will be rendered. The eighth one is the evaluation and award process. This is where you request the best price and no negotiations will be permitted beyond this point.

The last component of the RFP examples is the appendices where there is a list of accredited bodies or standards that will be allowed. Also, the packaging components and a detailed list of approved components.