Quality Plan

Quality Plan

09 October 2010

A quality plan is put in place to specifically address the issue and needs of how well the deliverable is to meet the specifications set down in the project charter.

  The construction of the quality plan should be done before the project’s execution phase commences. This is so all of the personnel that are involved with the assembling and inspection processes of the deliverable can be properly trained. 

In most cases the quality plan and the specification it is to follow will be clearly stated in the document that is created by the project manager. Once this document is approved, it is passed onto the quality assurance team for further development of the actual procedures and methods for carrying out the plan are created.  

When the quality assurance team receives the quality plan, they will have to review the document very carefully. This is because it is their responsibility that the procedures they write will address the needs and purpose of the quality plan. If the deliverable is to weigh a certain amount, the method for checking this must be documented and then approved.

Some of the procedures can be carried over from previous projects, but if the current quality plan specifics weight and the previous product had a specific length then a new procedure would have to be created.  After each specification that is set forth in the business plan is address and documented for how it is to be checked, the next group involved with the quality plan gets involved. This is the quality control department.  

The quality control department of a company is the group of people that are responsible for physically carrying out the quality plan. This is the group that takes the methods and procedures developed by the quality assurance group and follow them to the letter. When a discrepancy is found, the quality control manager then brings it to the attention of the project manager and the production manager. 

This is the basic scope and reason why a quality plan is so important to a project and the reputation of the company. This plan is to ensure the customer receives what was advertised.