Quality Management

Quality Management

13 December 2010

The quality management planning and its process are a requirement in the manufacturing sector. This type of plan has two main reasons and purposes for being. The first is so that a business knows if the goals and scope of a project are actually met. The second is to ensure the intended target customers will be satisfied with the deliverable.

To meet the first requirement of a quality management plan, the project manger must have access to the project charter. This is the formal approved document that the stakeholders have created or at least signed. This is where the goals and scope of the project and its deliverable are described in detail.

Within these specifications in hand the project manager or quality assurance department can develop the quality management plan for the project. This will include the different procedures and methods that will be required during the execution of the project and at its completion.

The hands on implementation of the quality management plan are done by both the quality control department and the team members of the production line where the deliverable is being produced. The responsibility for quality of the deliverable is on the shoulders of the quality control department. The production crew is the first line of defense against substandard quality items. This is because it is right in front of them as part of their job.

This is why the training of what is expected as a quality aspect of the deliverable should be done with all parties involved in the execution of the project plan. The more people that are involved and aware of what is expected, the better chances of all substandard items, components or the deliverable as a whole can be stopped from leaving the plant.

This is how the second reason for the quality management plan is achieved, by having as many involved in the checking of the deliverable as possible. The training of attention to details and specifically what details to look for is the best path to success in achieving the projects goals and scope. This makes the customers happy and satisfied with the product they purchase so future sales can occur.