Quality Management Tools

Quality Management Tools

25 November 2010

The use of quality management tools improves the implementation and monitoring of the necessary processes. In many cases, the quality management plan is specific to a deliverable. This is due to the fact that nearly every deliverable a business produces has a different set of specifications and requirements set forth in the projects plan.

One of the most used quality management tools that are used in business is the quality management templates. This are preformatted forms that help prepare the necessary documents and forms that will be required for the proper implementation of the quality plan.

The reason the quality management templates are so readily used as the quality management tools is because of the speed and accuracy in which the documents and forms can be created. This is since the templates create a preformatted professional looking document that only requires the specific data to be entered.

Included in the quality management tools are the review form that documents the implementation process of the quality plan. It is not enough to have a quality plan in place for it to be successful at accomplishing its goal. The progress has to be monitored. This allows for any necessary modifications to occur if they are needed. This also permits the effectiveness of the quality plan to be known.

To help monitor the quality plan, one of the useful quality management tools is the deliverables register. This has forms that are required so the documentation of the progress, as it relates to the quality of the deliverable, can be recorded. With no documentation, the proof of quality will be vague and unsubstantiated.

One of the quality management tools the customers participate in is when the deliverable has the different quality forms attached when it is received by the customer. It should have the specifications checked and then confirmed by them so the manufacturing company is no longer responsible for the product. This way, if any damage occurs which is outside of their control and the customers warehouse, they are not financially responsible.