Quality Management Tool

Quality Management Tool

21 October 2010

To be considered a quality management tool, it must improve the level of quality in a product and be a part of the quality plan. The largest contributor of all the tools available to any quality manager is the level of their staff and their ability to spot and identify defects in the material and deliverable, before it is shipped to the customer.

Another quality management tool that goes mostly unnoticed is the software program that assists the quality manager in the documentation of the procedures and methods their team uses in the quality control department. The largest reason most is unaware of its presence is because of how seamlessly it works.

Like with most things, a good quality management tool that has no adverse effects does not get talked about. There is more concentration on the problems because they need to be solved. This does not occur with a document that is developed with a project management template for the quality plan. Proper formatting and precise content is the reason these templates are used by a majority of the business in the industry.

By having documentation software available as a quality management tool, the manager can create any procedure or method that is needed in less time, with more accuracy. This allows for more time and effort to be spent on identifying the problems and issues the quality manger might be having with a production line and its deliverables.

One fact about business is that that even with established production lines, there is a constant influx of change. This can be with personnel or the raw materials that are being used. With each change, there is a possibility of a new procedure being needed. With a template ready to be used, this quality management tool can have the necessary method ready for implementation in a shorter amount of time.

The alternative to not using this quality management tool is to start from scratch. This will take more time and possibly allow for inferior material to pass on to the customers. This is not preferred by anyone.