Quality Management Software

07 November 2010

The use of quality management software in industry is helping business improve the quality of their deliverables. The different programs that are included in this type of software gives the project managers more tools at their disposal to use.  The quality management software should include a template section that assists the manager in developing a well rounded quality management plan. This has to be done for each step in the production of the deliverable, along with an overall inspection plan for the final product.Another portion of the quality management software should contain a program that monitors the production, and the quality of that production, in real time. This type of program does require input by supporting staff on a constant basis. The advantage is that the project manager is always aware of the condition of the deliverable during the manufacturing phase.The specifications that are used that must be put into the quality management software are found in the business plan for the project that has been approved by the stakeholders of the project. This is also where the scope and goals of the deliverable can be found. The quality management software can be used to not only make sure the specifications of the deliverable are within tolerances, but also the overall goals and scope of the project are met. Each of these different processes that are needed to ensure every part of the projects quality plan has to have a properly written procedure. These procedures have to be in place before the execution of the project commences. The departments that can make use of quality management software are the quality assurance and quality control departments. The quality assurance department is responsible for the creation, updating and approval of all the necessary quality procedures that are required for each and every project.The use of the quality management software by the quality control department is more at the implementation of the written procedures and the monitoring of the level of quality that is found in the deliverable. Both are an important part they must work together to achieve the desired goals of the quality plan.