Quality Management Process

Quality Management Process

27 September 2010

Having a quality management process as part of your business philosophy is the best way to incorporate quality not only into your process but also into your deliverable.

A quality management process is more than just a set of documents that spell out how to perform this function in a business. It has to be a way of life from all the employees in how they perform their daily duties while at work.  This way of thinking starts with the upper management. This way, their example can be seen and interpreted as the right way to look at and perform every activity of the employees while at work.

To begin a quality management process within a company, there must be a set of procedures that are documented by the quality assurance team. They formulate the documents according to the approved business plan and ideology of the company that is currently in place.

The next step in a quality management process is to properly train all personnel on these new procedures. This training has to involve all employees of a business. In the training, not only do the procedures have to be explained but also why they are important to follow. The philosophy of quality must be emphasized at all times so the message sinks in.

After everyone has been properly trained on the quality management process, then comes the implementation of it. This is the very beginning of the process to bring quality into your workplace. Once the system is in place, the job is not done.

With any quality management process, there is always room for improvement. This can only happen if the process are on constant review and the personnel using them are on the lookout for ways to improve them. This should be emphasized in the training so from the beginning the employees will be supplying the quality assurance team with input.

What has to be understood by all is that a quality management process is a way of life that is continuously being improved. This way the set level of quality that is expressed by the business plan is maintained.