Quality Management Plan

Quality Management Plan

04 December 2010

The quality management plan is an all encompassing set of procedures that has a large impact on the deliverable that is being produced. This document takes the project charter, the scope and specifications of the deliverable and applies them to a set of procedures to ensure it is complied with.

The person or group for the development of the quality management plan is the project manager or the quality assurance team that has been assigned this task. In most cases this is the head of the Quality department.

Most business has removed the creation and implementation of the quality management plan from the manufacturing department for good reasons. The project manager is not only responsible for the production of the deliverable, but to have it done on time. There have been instances where the quality side of the deliverable has been compromised to meet the required deadlines.

It is like having the quality management plan developed and deployed by an independent sector that will be held responsible only for the quality of the deliverable, not the success of the project. This is a critical function is to ensure the customers receive exactly what the goals and scope of the project, as intended.

Many in the manufacturing sectors refer to the quality management plan as a protective instrument for the customers and not the business itself. This is only partially true. There are some times where the quality might be on the fringe of the specifications. In this case the quality manager should inform the project manager of the problem so it can be corrected but still allow for the manufacturing process to continue.

The quality management plan is a balancing act that every manufacture faces. The quality must be present so the deliverable meets the needs of the intended customers. The project must also be profitable for the business to continue producing it. This is done on a daily basis in the manufacturing sectors of business and can be done by any business that has the desire to succeed.