Quality Management Methods and Tools

Quality Management Methods and Tools

25 September 2010

To properly use quality management the project manager must first be aware of what is available. Inside a project management software program is an area that has these essential elements that are accessible.

Just because you may have quality management methods and tools available to you does not always mean you know how to use them, or that you actually implement them. Both of these are important components to bring quality to the project that is either being planned or is underway.

One of the best ways of using quality management methods and tools is to apply the templates that are provided and use them in accordance to the project’s scope that is already laid out. One of the simplest methods that have to be documented is the physical description of the deliverable. This might sound a little silly, but the size, color and actual printing must meet the predetermined specification for it to be acceptable by the client or customers.

As the project manager, you must meet these goals as laid out by the business plan and understand their meaning. You must prepare and use the quality management methods and tools differently when dealing with a client, than with customers. Clients are part of the stake holders that have given the specifics of what they need and expect. Customers are the recipients of your product that have no input into its creation. Knowing the difference can determine if the project is a success or failure.

One often overlooked by necessary part of quality management methods and tools is the constant reviewing of the quality procedure itself. There are always changing conditions and factors involved with a project. To make sure the quality plan is always up to date and current, it must be in constant review so the right modifications can be made to adjust to these changing conditions.

Your quality management methods and tools are only valuable if you use them properly. Just having them ready to go is not enough. They must be an active part of your product to bring quality and value to your deliverable.