The Quality Control Plan

The Quality Control Plan

28 October 2010

The quality control plan takes its specifications from the project charter. This way the true intentions and goals of the deliverable can be followed for the best possible results. The main focus of this document is to give a set of written procedures to make sure the deliverable is made in accordance to the goals and objectives of the stakeholders.

The creation of the quality control plan is generally done by the project manager or the quality assurance team assigned to the project. In many cases portions of previous quality plans can be used for some of the routine documents that have to be created. But in every project there are specific documents that must be created that are specific to the project.

The documents that are specific to the project can be created either by scratch or with the assistance of a project management tool. This precisely is when templates are most beneficial. The use of a project management template helps to speed up the process in the creation of the quality control plan. They are also used as a guide to make sure all the necessary components of the document are included.

The complete quality control plan will have several different components. There has to be a set of procedures to inspect and monitor the deliverable during the production stage. With this kind of procedure in place during the manufacturing of the deliverable, any defect or aberration can be noticed so immediate action can take place to correct it.

The quality control plan also should include a procedure for a final inspection of the deliverable. This is always necessary so a complete picture of the deliverable can be registered. Some deliverables pass all of the in-process inspections, but fail when final assemble takes place. This part of the quality plan will prevent this type of defect from leaving the plant so the customer will not encounter a bad product.

The development of a good quality control plan is a fundamental part of any successful project. This will help ensure only good quality deliverables are sold which will reflect positively on the reputation of the company producing it.