Quality Assurance Plan

Quality Assurance Plan

16 November 2010

Every quality assurance plan should have one component no matter what company it is intended for. This is a procedure for the constant review of updating of all the procedures and methods under its jurisdiction. Just like the environment a company navigates through to conduct its business is in a constant state of flux, so are the parameters of every quality plan.

This is one of the qualifications to becoming certified by ISO, and nearly every other quality standard recognized authority. The need for updating is required because of the constant change nearly everything is going through. To assist with this constant change, there should be a mechanism for creating this change.

The most often used mechanism for creating such a change in the quality assurance plan is to use a project management template specifically designed for the quality assurance department. This type of template helps to keep the new set of documents in the same format as the previously written one. It can also be used as a guide to what the necessary items that needs to be included should be documented.

The quality assurance plan is all about having the correct document in place all the time. This way, the specifications of any item that will be a part of a project and its deliverable can be checked to make sure it meets the goals of the project charter.

The quality assurance plan is just one half of the quality plan. The other half is the quality control plan. This is where the actual plans and documents created by the quality assurance team are put into effect and used. Without both halves, no quality plan is complete.

While the quality assurance plan is very important, the document is meaningless without the proper implementation of its procedures and methods. To make sure it is understood, the language used should be clear and concise. Even then, some training might be required to ensure it is followed correctly.