Project Tool for Your Manager

Project Tool for Your Manager

13 November 2010

Any project tool that helps your manager do their job better and more efficiently is worth having around. The number of these tools has dramatically increased over the past few years with the greatest being the introduction of the PC.

The PC allowed for great speed in the production of all the documentation that is required when a business is executing a project. All of the reports and data that was previously assembled and created on other devices, like the typewriter, were digitalized.

Then came along a project tool that significantly boosted production again, this is when the project management templates were introduced to industry. These are preformatted documents that a manager can use to create a document on a specific issue or category.

In the beginning, there were only templates for all the different schedules that were needed. This was a very handy project tool and did save the project managers considerable amount of time. It shortened the time it took to create the manpower, raw material and other resource schedules, so everything could be in place and on time for a project to be constructed on a timely basis.

With this kind of efficiency of this project tool, it was recognized that more could be done with templates as it related to a project. This is when software creators ventured into more types of templates that could be used. The most useful of them could be considered the project planning templates. This incorporated the scheduling templates, along with communication plan template and the risk and issue assessment templates.

As time moved on, the quality plan was expanded as a project tool that helped to keep the customers of the deliverable satisfied, as well as the shareholders of the project.

Today, the digital project tool has expanded to cover 52 different templates encompassing all phases of the creation, planning, execution and conclusion of a project. This digital assistance has made the job of the project manager easier in handling the paperwork so the proper documentation takes less time. This always gives the manager more time to spend on actually managing the project that is under their control.