Project Quality Management Program

My Project Quality Management Program

24 September 2010

The utilization of a project quality management program is part of any successful project. The main difficulty is the actual implementation of the program at the points where it is needed.

An actual project quality management program is designed to assist in the development of a quality plan for use in a project by the project’s manager. This is a set of procedures that can be followed by the project team members in the quality control department. That is the typical plan.

The ideal situation would have anyone involved in the project to be helping implement the project quality management procedures. This way the supervisors and assemblers alike can spot any possible defect that could affect the quality of the deliverable. But this does not always happen.

Just because the project quality management program is established and put into place does not make it active. The project team must be properly trained on what will affect the quality of the deliverable so they know what to look for. This training has to be a part of the overall program backed by the company.

The guidelines for the project quality management protocols are taken from the business plan for the project. In this document there are the quality requirements set forth by the stakeholders for the deliverable. The minimal level of quality must be adhered to at all times. In most cases the level is above the minimum level so customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Even when the entire project team is involved in maintaining the quality of the project’s deliverable there still needs to be a quality control team that double checks the level of quality in the deliverable. This is an entirely new set of procedures that must be created that the project quality management program can assist with. These procedures are the tools the QC department will use to make sure the guidelines from the stakeholders are met.

These are the factors that must not only be established with each project, but also maintained during its entire execution of the project. The credibility and reputation of the company is at stake with how well this program is carried out by all personnel involved.