Project Planning

Project Planning

05 November 2010

Project planning is a very complex documentation process that should never be taken lightly. This is the blueprint to the successful production of a deliverable to create a revenue stream. The complexity is vast and attempting to do this kind of documentation from scratch is a very time consuming process, if it is possible at all.

Because there are so many different facets in project planning, most project managers look for some assistance in their task. This is when the tool called project management program is opened. This is a software program that is specifically designed to document every step in a project. The better ones can include up to 52 different project management templates that can be used to document and guide the process from beginning to end.

The complexity of project planning has grown over the years. This is because the projects and the deliverables they are producing have become more complicated. There are still some simple projects, but the global market place has placed a high demand for more intricate deliverables that the business world is attempting to meet.

Because of the complexity, the number of steps in project planning has increased. The detail for which a plan may be documented has also increased dramatically. Today, not only does the manufacturing plan have to be devised in advance but also the risk assessment, issue assessment, quality plan, and the communication plan all need to be in place before the plan can commence the execution phase.

Along the way in the execution phase of a project, there will be a need for adjustments to the project planning documents. This is usually in the scheduling and resource management areas. This is because outside sources can have different priorities that do not put your project first. This is when a contingency plan should be implemented to deal with this issue.

Even for those that work in the business world, project planning is not an easy feat to accomplish. There must always be a backup plan in place, just in case.