Project Planning and Management Must Work Together

Project Planning and Management Must Work Together

22 November 2010

For any cohesion to be coordinated, project planning and management must work hand in hand. It is true that the person who is charge of completing the actual project planning is in management, the others members of management must be supportive. This allows for more to get done faster than if one person is left to do it all.

When project planning and management work together, the necessary contributions from the different departments companywide will make the difference in the time and thoroughness of the planning process.

 As an example, the accounting department already knows who supplies their company with what raw materials, and has knowledge of the agreements between the different companies. When the project planning and management are working seamlessly, this information will then be passed down to the project manager so fewer Requests for Information will be needed to be prepared and sent out.

With the needed data assembled faster for the project planning and management backing the process, less time will be necessary in this important stage of the project development. This will also allow for more time in the review process. Sometimes when too many people are involved, certain details are left out. This is unintentional, but occurs when it is thought someone else is responsible for performing that task.

Because project planning and management must work together, there should be some sort of organizational check. This is when a project management template set is advantageous to have. When this kind of software is used, there is a self-check list to see what has been completed and when it was done. If no template had been saved for the project, that task still needs to be completed.

By coordinating project planning and management together, the completion of this task can be more efficient. Efficiency is the key to greater profits and productivity. That is the reason the project management templates were originally created, to help companies become more efficient in the way they conduct this part of their business.