Project Plan Template

18 November 2010

The use of a project plan template can make the starting of this process simpler and quicker. This can be attributed to the fact that the template is already preformatted and there are sections already designated, just waiting for the data and descriptions to be filled in.

This is the reason the project plan template is used by so many project managers. Just by opening it up and saving the file name for the current project, the task is started. The next step can be the acquiring of the project’s charter. This will have the goals, specifications and scope of the project that needs planning.

The use of the first project plan template can then lead to the others that will be necessary. This will include all the schedules that will need to be coordinated. Many find drawing up rough schedules to when and what is available can help determine the time line in which the project’s execution can take place.For many, the use of a project plan template is just a rough outline in the beginning. Because of all the necessary components that need to be assembled, the first draft rarely is the final draft. The constant state of flux during the planning stage of a project is normal. To help with the time line of a project and the filling in of all the necessary components in the project plan template, many things will need to be acquired. This is when the Request for Information forms are sent out to the prospective third party vendors. Once these requests are sent back, the project manager will know what is available to them for use in their project.With this data from the third party vendors and knowing what your company can provide, a project manager can fill out most, if not all, of the project plan template so a final draft can be compiled. This then will be reviewed by authorized personnel, so make sure it is complete and contains all the necessary information. Then the project can be approved and move forward to the execution phase.