Project Plan 101

Project Plan 101

11 October 2010

When a project plan is constructed correctly, the difference will be seen during and at the end of the projects life cycle. In order to successfully plan out a project, many components must be known.

The start of the planning process of a project plan must begin with the knowledge of what the project’s charter contains. This is where the scope and objectives of the project can be found. In most cases the project managers can now compose their plans for the project on their computers.

When a project plan is formulated on a computer the use of a project management program is the most likely software program they will use. Within a program of this type are many useful project management templates. These templates can be used to save time and as a guide.

All the manager has to know is what the stakeholders are requiring from the project along with the budget and time table for its completion. The he can start to formulate the project plan. This will begin with the sending out of the request for information so the manager will know what is available and the price of the raw materials and components that will be necessary for the project.

While the manager is waiting for responses he can use the templates to formulate the different schedules of the factors he already knows about so the project plan can start coming together. There are templates for the manpower schedules along with the equipment and other resources that will be required for the project.

Also part of the project plan are areas not normally associated with building a deliverable, but associated process that must be documented. This will be the quality plan, communication plan, the risk assessment and any issues that could interfere with the progress of the project during its life cycle.

A project plan has many components that all have to be properly documented. This way the critical path of the project can be seen along with it being the instructions for how the project is to progress from the planning stage to its successful conclusion.

A project plan is the set of instructions the project manager and team use to properly construct the deliverable so the objective of the stakeholders is fulfilled.