Project Charter Template

Project Charter Template

15 November 2010

The project charter template is the first in a series of templates that will be used in the creation of a revenue stream by a business. This is because since they already have a template for the charter, they most likely have the complete 52 template package. This is not one of them that is obtainable in any of the free project management template offers.

Beginning with a project charter template, the consistency of all following documents will already be established. This will give the reviewers an impression that professionals wrote and created the documents. When trying to impress others, first impressions make a load of statements.

By using a project charter template, the writer’s block that usually sets in when a document is just being formulated can sometimes be averted. The template is like a guide that suggests things that should be included in this document. This way, ideas get to flow more readily and the document can be created quicker and easier than starting from a blank document page.

The purpose of using a project charter template is to make sure the vision of the project, along with the scope, is clearly defined in a way that no ambiguity is left in the message. The template assists with this by letting the writer concentrate on the content and not the format for which the document is being created.

Another section of the project charter template that must be very clearly and correctly filled out is the list of stakeholders in the project. These are the individuals that are sponsoring the project with their financial backing. They will approve the final documents, and will reap the profits, if the project is successful as planned.

The project charter template is the best way to set the tone and process for the formulating and creating of the documents that will precede it. Even if the person who is creating this first document does not create all of them for a project, the format is set. It would take more time to duplicate the formatting than to just use the other templates in the package. So they, more often than not, will use them.