Project Book as a Guide

Project Book as a Guide

14 November 2010

A project book is more than just a record of a project conducted in the past by a company. It is also a reference source that can be used as a guide for new projects.

Not every past project and its documents can be considered a project book. A good guide would have to be at an extreme so valuable lessons could be learned. This will include the highly successful projects that are great examples of processes that worked correctly and have examples of how to properly overcome many obstacles that might have interfered with the viability of the project.

On the flip side, a project book that illustrates what not to do when executing a project would be a valuable learning tool. By learning from past mistakes, the odds are you will not repeat them. Just like what is said about history. For those that have not learned from the past are doomed to repeat the past. In the business world, this can have a devastating effect monetarily.

For those companies that are new to an industry or just wanting to expand their knowledge, there are project books on the market to assist you. Sometimes, these are referred to as project management books or project guides. No matter what the name of this type of document is, the purpose is the same. This is to share knowledge so fewer mistakes will be made during a project.

For those counting pennies, the fewer mistakes that are made during a project will equate to greater profits and a better chance the project will be considered a success. This is the purpose of a project book, to reduce mistakes by all personnel involved in a project.

There can be a project book made by software companies that help to illustrate the proper use of the project management templates or it can be from a project manager. No matter where it originates from, it is a valuable tool that can be utilized to save time and money.

A project book is like having a set of blueprints to help you succeed in your project. This will help your company create a revenue stream which they are all in search of.