Project Book and the Story it tells

Project Book and the Story it Tells

06 October 2010

A project book is the story on how a particular project was conceived, planned, executed and concluded. This is done for each and every project that is completed and documented in the business world.

There is also another form of project book. This is a step by step set of instructions for new project managers on how to go thru and have a successful project. In this case the official name is project management book.

The main reason for the existence of a project book is due to the fact that the formulating and carrying out all the needed tasks of a project in the modern industrial age is a very complex procedure. No longer do project managers just use what is convenient independent on price. Today request for information forms must be sent out to find the best price on any particular item a project may require.

To help understand how complex a project can be is to look at a project management program and the list of templates in them. Today there are programs with over 52 different project templates. To understand the purpose of each one and how to use them to their most effectiveness would take some guidance. This is why a project book is a necessary tool.

Not everyone is at their peak level each and every day. By having a project book on hand as a quick reference when other items are on the mind of a manger, they can not only remind themselves of what needs to be done but how. This is also a great assistant to those stepping in to help a project manager when they are absent. Step by step instructions are what are necessary when you have never done a task before of this magnitude.

All of the required phases, tasks and activities that are involved in guiding a project to a successful conclusion are in a project book. Even for those that think they know it all, might be able to learn something new that will benefit their company.