Planning Template for a Good Guide

Planning Template for a Good Guide

30 October 2010

A planning template when formulating the different process and procedures in the development of a project plan is beneficial to the project manager and the business they work for. Not only does a template save on the time that is required to create a project plan, but also in how well it is constructed.

The most common place to find a planning template is in a project management templates program.  These are specific software programs that are designed to be a helpful tool in the construction of a projects’ plan and all the procedures that are necessary for said project to be executed properly.

The planning template that is used for the project can include every conceivable facet of the project itself. This can begin with the project charter so the goals and objectives of the project are clearly defined.

A planning template can also be used for the construction of all the needed schedules that will be necessary during the course of a project. This will include the manpower schedule along with the delivery of the raw materials and the necessary equipment. By using the templates for these necessary procedures, a complete picture of what is necessary and need to be included can be done easier. Since speed of this process is advantageous, the templates are a welcome tool by a project manager.

Consistency is another advantage of using a planning template. Since this is a preformatted document, the final product of each procedure will have the same visual appearance. This is possible if just one person is creating the documents or multiple people. There will be a consistency in the final production of documents because of the templates used.

For new project managers, the deploying of a planning template can help guide them in what is necessary to include in their plan the first time. This reduces the learning curve of creating and running a successful project. In the past this process was done by trial and error which leads to unnecessary delays in the execution phase of a project.

The use of a planning template is beneficial to both the project manager and the business they work for by helping the plan to be consistent, though along with saving time, which will help reduce the budget.