My Project Charter Template

My Project Charter Template

03 January 2011

The usage of a project charter template is on the increase since more project managers are using a project management office programs. This has become popular since the use of the computer as a project tool has increased in the past decade.

The project charter template is just the first of many templates that the project manager is utilizing to present then develop their projects for use within their company. The importance of this document is seen as then building foundation of the project. For any project to proceed it must be thourghly thought out and placed in this formal document so everything can be clarified about the project.

The project charter template is used to develop this short but important document. Items that should be included are clear definitions of what the scope and objectives of the project are. Also there is a need in this document to clearly define the responsibilities of all participants. The participants should include the stakeholders, project manager and the project team members.

Also included in the project charter template are sections for the reason the project is being undertaken in the first place. If there are any constraints in labor, raw material or monetary, they should be listed. The main objective or focus of the project that the stakeholders have approved should be written down in clear language so no misunderstands can occur.

The purpose for the use of the project charter template is so when it is used there is no ambiguity by the users. This is the document that gives the project manager the authorization to proceed once the stakeholders approve it. It is also used primary source for sales information about the document and to help the project team stay focused on the goal of the project.

Unlike most of the other documents that are created, the project charter template is a general summary document that states the information clearly, but references the other documents in the project plan for more detail.