Free Project Management Programs

Free Project Management Programs

07 October 2010

There are free project management software programs available on the internet along with some that appear to be free. If you have decided to go this route for whatever reason, you should be aware of a few factors first.

Most of the free project management programs out there are open sourced. This can be advantageous for some and problematic for others. By being opens sourced, the program can be easily manipulated as to fit your specific needs. The requirement is you have an expert in the computer language employed by your company.

There are two different categories of this kind of free project management programs. Some are downloadable while others are on a server maintained by a third party. If the program is downloadable then changing it for your needs is greatly simplified. If the program is accessed only by an internet connection, some modifications might not be permitted.

Another fact about the online and free project management programs is that many are still open sourced so the creator can get a second opinion on what they created along with help working out all the bugs in their programming. The second is the leading reason for these to be available for free.

One fact will always be true about free project management programs and that there will be some bugs in the package.  Not all of them will have a major effect on how the programming runs, but their presence should be considered when doing your risk assessment of using this kind of program.

There is another type of free project management programs on the internet. These are old proprietary source software programs. In most cases there are two reasons they are available. One is the creator has just decided to share his program out of the goodness of their heart. This does occur from time to time. The other is the program is an old version of a current program.

When the free project management program is an older version of a proprietary source program the reason is to tempt users to upgrade after using the older one. This is just an old fashion advertising scheme of try it before you buy the new and improved version.

For many companies the risks are too great to take a chance and they opt to bypass the free project management programs and make a purchase of a program they can relay on.