Excel Timesheet Templates

Excel Timesheet Templates

26 November 2010

Included in the list of proprietary properties is excel timesheet templates. This is not to say the template itself is protected, but just the program on which the template was created on. The template itself, and its creator, are generally unknown when found on the internet. In most cases, these are acceptable but there are some warnings.

Like with all software that is downloaded from the internet, there is a chance the excel timesheet templates you have acquired may have a malicious program embedded in it. If present and activated, its content could do serious damage to your business and its reputation. These malicious programs have been known to send out private and confidential information that can have serious implications to your company.

Another common problem with excel timesheet templates that are found on the internet is that the blocks are locked by a password. In most cases, the password is not included in the download or the literature that is included with the template. This does not cause a problem unless you wish to make a change to the template. Then you are out of luck.

The most advisable way to make use of excel timesheet templates are to create your own. This does require knowledge of how the program works and the proper utilization of the functions it contains. As a safeguard against the template from being changed or modified, the security protocols should also be activated to protect the necessary blocks for alterations.

Creating your own excel timesheet templates also take time to make. The time allotment required will be dependent on your experience with this software program, and the complexity of the template being created. This is a safe and secure path to creating a good, usable template that is specific to your business.

There have been instances where this use of the excel timesheet templates has been outsourced. This too is acceptable, if the third party contractor can be trusted. The risk with this path is that the password will not be intuitive to any member of your staff. If it is lost for any reason, the template will become locked and could become useless.