Example Feasibility Study

Example Feasibility Study

30 November 2010

By following an example feasibility study for your project, there is a good chance you will be able to cover the necessary elements to expose all the data that is required. This is very important because a good number of factors about a project are reliant on this study for it to win the approval of the stakeholders.

Every example feasibility study is different and these variations should be taken into account. The sections of the example will be very useful as a guide, but the content should be unique for your document.

One area that may be similar with your example feasibility study and the document you are creating is the target audience. There are only so many demographics and age groups that a business can count on for a revenue stream. For this reason the way they are reached with a positive reaction should be duplicated or closely followed in hope of the same positive reaction.

Other data that can be obtained from an example feasibility study is the logistics of supplying the target audience. If the target audience is loca, then the costs are minimal. If the audience is in another location, then the cost of supplying the deliverable need to be factored into the overall financial cost of the project. One of the purposes of this kind of study is to determine the profitability of the project. This has to be kept in mind.

The problems that were encountered in your example feasibility study should be understood and examined. If the problems or obstacles cannot be overcome in an economical way, then another path should be looked into. No matter what the outcome of the data, it should all be documented so no questions arise during the review process of your study.

These are some of the things that can be learned from an example feasibility study. How you apply what you have learned will be the difference if your plan is accepted or denied.