Employee Timesheet

10 January 2011

The employee timesheet is a very important document that must be taken very seriously. This is more than just a record of how much a company owes an employee in monetary value, but also a record of their work schedule. For the creation of this very important document an employee timesheet template can be used to help save time. This allows for just one template to create a timesheet for every employee that is on staff with a company. By using document consistency for the entire company will occur and be appreciated in the accounting department when payroll is done. An employee timesheet template can help to monitor and control all work and time spent by the employees. This is the mechanism by which tasks can be assigned along with a permanent record of those assignments. This record can be used during the annual evaluation time to either justify or deny a raise for the employee.The employee timesheet is also used as a legal document. This occurs when there is a dispute between the management and the employee on the hours that are work and the monetary compensation the employee is suppose to receive. The employee timesheet is an exact record of what was done by the employee, on which date and exactly how much time was spent on each particular task. This is extremely valuable when the employee is working on tasks for several different clients. The billing for each client has to be accurate. With this permanent record this amount of time can be recorded and proven if necessary to justify any billing questions. The employee timesheet template is a pre-formatted document, that once made will give a consistent and professional appearances to anyone review this document. This document can be saved as an electronic copy or a hard copy. The electronic version is easier to use when it is necessary to create a timesheet for a new employee.The employee timesheet is a necessary formal document that involves the monetary relationship between an employee and a business. This is necessary because of all the legal complications that could come up over time.