Change Management Risk

Change Management Risk

22 September 2010

The specifics of any change management risk are different in every situation. What is important is that the risk or risks involved are identified and understood by those implementing the change.

The first known problem that arises within the form of a change management risk is the human nature that is resistant to change. Employees are people and this must be remembered. People have a natural tendency to find a comfort zone. This is basically familiarity in a process or their surroundings. When this is disrupted, chaos generally is the result.

Helping prevent chaos and reduce the change management risk from occurring is the trick to implementing any change successfully. This can be accomplished by giving employees ample forewarning about any change that will be put into effect. This can be accomplished with a simple email and posting on the bulletin board.

The next step to reducing the change management risk and any negative impact is the announcing of training. Many people are scared of the unknown. When they think they will have to just figure out what the change is and how it will affect them, it gets even worse.

The type of training that is most beneficial in reducing the change management risk is not what the change actually is, but how it will affect the individual employees in the company. This is the major concern of the staff at any company, how the change will affect them.

Another important factor in reducing the change management risk is by the management of the company showing they are fully behind the change. By exhibiting this support, the mental image that is related is that the change will occur and the employees need to accept the change.

Once all of these external factors are completed and fully implemented, then the change management risk is significantly reduced in the company. This helps to clear the path for the change to become part of the business plan which the employees will have to embrace. Eventually, it will be part of their comfort zone and the business process will be efficient.