Change Management Process

Change Management Process

08 January 2011

With all change management process, the normal functions of a business will be altered. This is unnerving to some if not all of the staff within a business. For this reason a plan should be in place to help with the transition of the new policy. This will mitigate the disruption to a minimal amount.

To be considered a change management process, modifications to an existing process or completely new process must be introduced to a business and its operations. The exact amount of preparation need for this transition is dependent on the size and scope of the actual change.

The greater the change management process will be the greater need to implement the change management plan. This plan will have a procedure for this process to be accomplished in the approved path that the upper management has decided on.

For the best possible transition of the change management process, the backing of the upper management is not required, but preferred for success to occur. This backing will send a clear message to the staff that this change will occur and they must learn the exact nature of the change.

Included in a change management plan there should be a section on the training that the staff will undertake so this change can take effect. Unless the change is very minor, no one should be expected to just learn about the change or make the change on their own. Training should be conducted to introduce the change. This training should also be done before the implementation of the change takes place.

To initiate a change management process, a request for the change must be initiated by someone of management level within the staff. There are some occasions where a regular staff member does ask for a change, but their manager is the one that would be considered the responsible party for its success and implementation.

Not every change management process is bad, but change is always uneasy for the staff. This changes their normal routine and until they know about it and get use to the change, there might be some disruption is the normal daily business routine around the office.