Change Management Process for Business

Change Management Process for Business

19 October 2010

The change management process is how a company makes a procedural change in a business process that affects many or all of the employees. This can be for a major or minor change. The change management process has to be a documented procedure so consistency is maintained within the company. When the same approach is taken every time, the employees will be able to recognize it and know what to expect.


This is important because change is not always easy or welcome. Most employees have a comfort zone. Any change from the norm takes them out of this comfort zone and can cause inconsistency in the normal daily business practices that are not involved in the actual change itself. To help maintain the comfort zone of the staff, any change management process has to be fully backed by the upper management.


This way, the employees know this change is going to push through no matter what and they need to make the adjustment. Knowing there is no choice makes this just a little easier.Another important factor in any change management process is training. Never expect the employees to just pick up on the change with a simple announcement alone.


Training should be on the actual change and its impact on the employees. This training must be conducted prior to the implementation of the new process.Input during the training sessions should be noticed by the management. Since the employees will be involved in the implementation of the change management process, they could have some insight that was overlooked in the planning process of the change.


If the insight is significant enough, the process should be revised, and then included in the training process.These are a few things the management must consider doing when wanting to implement a change management process within their company. The easier they make it for the employees, the greater level of success will be achieved.