Business Change Management

Business Change Management

24 November 2010

The business change management process is not one that should be taken lightly. Change is an uncomfortable occurrence for most people. When it comes to changes in a person’s daily work routine, the effect can be unnerving. For this purpose, there must be a procedure in place for smooth transition to the change in policy and reduce the irritation that your staff will experience.

Before any business change management should occur, a properly documented procedure must exist. By having an established and approved change management plan in place, the implementation will be easier. To start this process, many businesses are using a change management template.

The change of management template can provide all the necessary documents and forms that will be necessary to implement a business change management process. This will include the correct documents to change the scope or business plan of the company to reflect the needed or requested change.

As part of the business change management policy, there should be a change request form. This allows the staff to request a change in their area of expertise. What has been noticed is that the staff members that have hands-on experience with a company’s business routines are the best personnel to take note of what is working and what is either not working properly or has a detrimental effect on the business practice.

Included in a comprehensive business change management process should be a way to track the changes’ progression through its implementation. This can be accomplished with a change register. This will not only inform management of the progress of the change but also how it is impacting the business routine during and after the implementation has occurred.

One thing that should never be forgotten in any business change management process is the training of the change for the staff. Since change makes them uneasy, a training session should ease any fears and expose them on just what to expect. Change without notice has been known to be upsetting for many businesses and their workforce.