A Business Case Example

A Business Case Example

30 December 2010

By using a template as a business case example, you will have a better chance of proving your point about how your project will be a positive return on investment for your company.

The templates that can be used as the business case example are found in the project management programs many project managers are using as one of their tools to manage their project with. This software program should include not only real life examples to follow but also have sample present to answer many of the questions that will arise.

When following a business case example, one important fact must be remembered. If the example is from your own company the economic times and conditions when the example was created must be taken into consideration. By referring to both the example and the template, the process should be made easier, but not fool proof.

The business case example and template are only the starting points for this complex and important document. The return on investment for your business must be clearly started. This way the reviewers of your document will know exactly the point you are attempting to make.

With any business case, example of a successful one that is similar will be helpful to prove your point, but it should not be the only source of evidence that is used. Statistics from previous feasibility studies and value to the customer of the deliverable are also important factors.

The purpose of the business case example is not only to be used as a guide but to also see what has failed in the past. This way the same mistakes are not repeated. These points can also be included in your business case. The more evidence that is presented, the better the document is received because time and thought that was put into it will become evident.

The business case example is just part of what is needed to not only create this formal document, but to also get your project approved by upper management. This is the foundation for your revenue stream so make it a sound one.