A Quality Management System

A Quality Management System

27 December 2010

The creation of a quality management system is advantageous to a company in more than one way. This type of system clearly states the level of quality that the deliverables must meet which is guaranteed by the business. This allows each customer of the products to know what they are receiving which will add to the company’s reputation as a reliable supplier of goods at a known quality.

When developing your quality management system, the first thing that should be clearly known by the creator of the quality plan is the level of quality that will be obtained by the deliverable. When the quality plan is for a specific project or a deliverable, the specifications for the level of quality can be found in the project charter.

The level of quality is an important part of all quality management system that has to be defined. This is not good or bad quality, but the level of quality. As an example, a Chevy car is a good quality car. The Cadillac is considered better quality and because of this, their cars sell for more. Then there is Rolls Royce, they are top of the line and cost considerably more. Each car line has a specific level of quality that their customers expect. While the Chevy customers would be happy with the level of quality from a Rolls Royce, they are not willing to pay the increase in price to obtain it. This is why to create a customer base you must have a clearly defined level of quality.

This level of quality is what a documented quality management system has to offer for a business. To obtain this stated level of quality, the proper procedures and methods for inspecting the deliverable for this level of quality must be created. This process is described in the quality management plan that is created by a project manager. To assist the manager with this type of document, most industries are using a project management template program so the content and order of this plan are correct.

The template not only assist the user in creating a correct quality management system plan but also decrease the time that is involved in creating it. This follows the lean methodology approach of doing more with less. This project management tool allows the manager to construct a viable plan in less time that is acceptable by the management and allows for the level of quality to be attained for maximum profit.