A Quality Control Plan

A Quality Control Plan

04 January 2011

Developing a good quality control plan takes more than luck, it takes careful planning. All of the information and specifications are already present in the project plan in some capacity.  It’s just locating them all and developing a set of procedures and methods to determine if they are present in the deliverable is what is necessary.

Most businesses have a quality assurance department that will develop the quality control plan for each project. This is their sole responsibility as part of the company. Because of this they have all of the past and present procedures and method that are being used to check the quality of all products currently being produced within the company readily available to them.

When a new procedure or method needs to be developed for the quality control plan, they already know what equipment is available and the techniques used by the quality control team so the implementation of this new procedure can commence with little to no delay.

The quality control department is the group of people that actively use the quality control plan in their work.  They are the ones that take all the procedures and methods and use them to check the deliverable. The quality control department has to follow the methods as they are written and not allowed to deviate from them.

The quality control department is the responsible group for the implantation of the quality control plan but they are not the only ones in the company that follow the plan and its procedures. All good manufacturing companies also train their production staff on the quality plan. This makes sense because they are the first one that could possible notice a problem with the deliverable they are producing. This allows for less of an inferior product from being produced which will lead to less waste.

The quality control plan is considered a safeguard for the consumer from any problems with the manufacturing process of a business. The QC department does receive their pay from the company, but they see to the needs of the customer to ensure a quality product is the only thing that is delivered.