Project Plan

Project Plan

23 December 2010

The project plan is the backbone for the process of building a deliverable. This is an in depth written set of documents that will guide the project manager and their team’s entire process of building, producing and inspecting of the deliverable.

The project plan is made up of many different components that are specifically specified in the actual plan. This will include the not only haw to make the deliverable but also the scheduling of all the man power and raw materials that will be necessary for the project to cohesively come together.

Some parts of the project plan that most of the team members will never be aware of is the risk assessment plan and the issue resolution plan. Both of these work behind the scene and are only noticed when there is a problem.

One part of the project plan that every member of the team should be not only aware of but be trained in is the quality plan. It is true that the quality control department will be held responsible for the quality of the deliverable; but the project will have a better chance of success if everyone is trained and involved with quality. This way when the deliverable is being produced on the line, a defect can be noticed and corrected as soon as possible.

Monitoring the project plan to make sure the goals and scope of the project are followed is the responsibility of the manager. This monitoring is one of the software programs in a project management office program many managers are currently using. This not only helps them to stay informed on the process of the project, but also keeps all the data that has been acquired in one place. This way all of the reports, that will be necessary, can be assembled with relative easy.

Everything about a project is described in a project plan. The only document that has more significance and influence on the project is the project charter. This is because the scope and the goals of the project are spelled out in that document. The project plan is how they will be accomplished.