A Planning Template

A Planning Template

21 January 2011

With the introduction of a planning template for the documentation of your project, a time saving tool is being used. This tool, like any other, is only useful if it is used appropriately and to the benefit of the business.

The advantages of using a planning template for the development of your formal documents vary on what specific needs you want to meet. One of the first things this tool can provide your business with is a pre-formatted formal document that will bring consistency to all documents in which this template is used for. This will include both its appearance and layout.

The layout of the planning template is set up in the most useful order that will be easy to follow to help guide the user to place the correct data in this document. When all future documents that utilize this template are presented to reviewers and users alike, they will know what is where because a consistent pattern has already been established.

The specific type of planning template that a company can use varies on the nature of their business. For those businesses in manufacturing, the project planning templates is very useful in the complete documentation of the required paperwork. This will include the pre-planning templates of the business plan, business charter, and feasibility study, to name a few.

A planning template can also be useful in the many supporting documents that are necessary for a successful project to be completed. This will include the communication plan, risk assessment plan, quality plan and issue resolution plan. Each of these plays an important part of helping to prevent a stalling of the progression of a project during its execution phase.

The planning template has another purpose for a business to use. This is in the many schedules that must be created to not only run a project, but the business as a whole. The most recognized is the manpower or work schedule. This is the one that involves the greatest number of individuals.

As evident from the many uses described above, a planning template is beneficial to help inform the staff of necessary information to assist in a smooth running business and tell them when to be at work.