A Communications Plan

A Communications Plan

20 January 2011

The establishment of a communications plan for your business and or project is necessary so no ambiguous messages are sent between the different parties in your company. This entails more than just how to talk or the sending of emails, but all forms of communications and the correct process they should be conducted in.

When it is time for the establishment of a communications plan with your company, the department that should handle it is the quality assurance department. The reason being is that the quality of proper communications requires monitoring. This is the job description of this department and they are set up and qualified to do this task in the most efficient manner.

On the development of your company’s communications plan, there are many factors that need to be considered. This will include the education level of your staff, the equipment they will use, their physical location, and tasks of each staff member.

The reason education of the staff is critical is due to the various level of etiquette that each level has been exposed to and should be a part of your communications plan. A staff member that has a grade school education should never be expected to or should be in contact with any third party vendor because of the importance and consequences if the wrong words and usage of those words is incorrect or inappropriate.

The equipment that is to be used is a vital quality that must be included. More than just phones and email are used in today’s business world. They are still important, but the use of online communication programs is gaining strength. This section of the communications plan will have to include who and how this is to be used for staff members that are in satellite locations or working from home.

This online part of a company’s communications plan is the newest and most complex addition to the standard plans that have been in use for years. Understanding this new technology and using it to the benefit of the business can help it increase the productivity and efficiency of the business as a whole. Like any tool that is new, it must be understood and documented on how it is to be used for the staff to use this tool to the company’s benefit.