A Communication Plan

A Communication Plan

05 January 2011

As part of all quality control plans is a communication plan. This plan does more than just keep all of the project team’s members on the same page of the project plan, but also provides a mechanism so there are no misunderstandings.

To develop a good communication plan the project manager must be aware of the normal process that are already conducted at the place of business they are employed. Some places use a bulletin board near the time clock to inform the staff about updates and changes. For office staff, the use of email is more popular.  The exact makeup and details of the communication plan is all dependants on what the people within the company are normally using in their daily business routines.

With many companies, the use of the internet is became more wide spread. This assists team members that are located in different locations to communicate their thoughts and ideas easier and faster. This has to be incorporated into a new communication plan for a business that uses this new technology.

One of the new techniques are the collaboration programs allow for users from different locations to actual input data into the program when the program is hosted with an online server. This procedure must be placed in the communication plan so the users not only are aware of the program, but how to properly use it.

To make sure all of the necessary components of a communication plan are included, many project managers are using a communication plan template.  This helps by giving the manager a guide to all the appropriate sections that must be includes, but also the correct order. By following a logical order that has been proven to work, the plan has a better chance of being a success.

Not every communication plan is equal or will include the same information. This is due to the differences in the projects they were designed to be included with. Because of this every member must review this part of the plan carefully so no misunderstandings occur during the execution of the project that might cause a deal in it.