Statement of Work

Statement of Work

Statement of Work


Statement of Work

template helps you to define the work requested from an external supplier.

By using this Statement of Work template, you can clearly define your requirements to your supplier, so they know what needs to be delivered, how and by when.

This will help you to manage the performance of your supplier, ensuring that you receive exactly what it is that you're paying for.

This Statement of Work template helps you by:

  • Defining the type of supplier that you wish to appoint
  • Describing the materials and equipment you need
  • Specifying the deliverables to be provided by the supplier
  • Stating your terms and conditions for payment

This Statement of Work template also includes:

  • Instructions to help you create it quickly
  • Practical examples, to show you how to do it
  • re-completed tables, to save you time
  • Real-life examples

Everything you need to create a Statement of Work, is included within this comprehensive template.

What is a Statement of Work?

A Statement of Work or SOW, defines 'what it is that you need' from an external supplier. It is a statement of the work to be completed by a supplier. The Statement of Work also describes the materials and equipment to be provided, within a defined timeframe. This Statement of Work Template saves you time, because all of the sections have been pre-completed for you.

When do I use a Statement of Work?

Every time you need to request work from an external supplier, you need to issue a Statement of Work. It helps you clarify what it is that you want from your supplier and the timeframes in which to complete it. Writing a Statement of Work is easy, by using this comprehensive template.